Creative custom writing

Creative custom writing

Content is king. Get state of the art, engaging content for your website, product, blog or any other online and offline resource written by experts. More »

Turn every single view into a loyal fan or eager customer.

Turn every single view into a loyal fan or eager customer.

In the today\'s competitive market, it is of key importance to make your site not only attractive but also stand out. Arm it with engaging content, and your site will become more appealing and drive clicks or purchases. More »

Feel the power of the content tailored to the needs of your customers

Feel the power of the content tailored to the needs of your customers

Send your customers the motivating emails, making them use your product again and again. TechoTest is there to help you with that. More »

Content for your most demanding customers

Content for your most demanding customers

Enjoy the big boom of custom writing. Make your products descriptions and overviews appealing to your ultimate target audience. More »

Create the “WOW” experience that gets customers talking!

Create the “WOW” experience that gets customers talking!

The words which describe your project are perhaps more critical than you might think. Get expert help and show your product in the most sophisticated manner. More »


TechoTest Gambling Niche Overview: Online Gaming World In 2017

Today, we are going to talk about the thrilling world of games, its tendencies, and trends in 2017. We will check the most profitable gaming areas to invest money or perform marketing activities. Therefore, if you happen to become one

How Driverless Cars Might Affect People

The industry of driverless cars, the vehicles operating on their own, has just joined the ranks. Today, you can often hear about this novel technology, but still, you are not likely to see it on the roads. But as monster

Developing dynamic and customized web apps: .NET technologies

With such a huge choice of existing technologies used for creating a dynamic and customized web application, choosing the one can be a pain, right? Still, we are convinced that .NET de-serves special attention. Below are the grounds. But before

Mac Terminal Tricks Or How to Take Most Of Mac Terminal

The age-old question when it comes to using a Mac is, without a shadow of a doubt, how to use Mac Terminal. Yep, at first glance, Terminal might seem a bit daunting. However, it’s really cool to hack into your

TechoTest Greetings Email Sample

Here’s an example of the letter which can be sent to greet your customers. But before we jump into this email, please consider the following two issues:   It’s the software that helps you keep your Mac clean and protected. The

TechoTest Sample: Announcement for the site and bloggers

TechoTest can write a press release or a white paper for your product. All you need to do is to give us the details about your product and specify what you wish to be emphasized. Meanwhile, take a look at

A Sample of Email TechoTest Can Write For Your Customers

Smart E-mail marketing does drive sales. Don’t argue, it’s the fact. Below, you can check one of email samples we have written for our customer. For ultimate reasons, of course, the name of the product has been changed. So, please

Mastering The Process of Online Property Listing

The housing market has been growing for the past ten years. With such a huge choice of property listing websites it might be difficult for you to find the right one for your needs.  Rentberry, a one-to-go rental application and

Amazon Web Services Essentials

Amazon Web Services or simply AWS is a robust, secure cloud platform, which provides a bunch of services helping businesses scale and grow. Data storage, servers, networking, remote computing, content delivery, mobile development and security, AWS covers them all.  As

Introducing Kaa: a free, feature-rich IoT development toolkit

Crafted with universal patterns in mind, Kaa is a highly scalable multi-purpose middleware platform for the Internet of Things development. It helps innovators quickly, easily, and securely design, develop, and deploy apps, solutions, and experiences for our modern smart, connected