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Introducing Kaa: a free, feature-rich IoT development toolkit

Crafted with universal patterns in mind, Kaa is a highly scalable multi-purpose middleware platform for the Internet of Things development. It helps innovators quickly, easily, and securely design, develop, and deploy apps, solutions, and experiences for our modern smart, connected

Introducing 3DPrinterOS Software

The 3DPrinterOS software is an SSO (single-sign-on) compatible platform, where you can manage 3D printers, users, print queues, design files, and even material expenses. To put it simpler, 3DPrinterOS software lets you visualize, repair, prepare and slice models for printing

Native and hybrid applications: differences for the customer

Deciding upon the preferable app for you -hybrid or native- can be a pain, right? And for now, there is still no straight answer which one is the best. It’s like the famous skier vs snowboarder fight. In fact, when