3 reasons why the sales process is vital for any organization


Sales drive money and we all want money. So what, we know that. But do you know that the sales process is far more than just immediate money? Yes, the proper sales process along with a good SRM system have an unimaginable potential, promising you great results in the long run.

Now, let’s find out which results it can bring and how to benefit from that.

Typically, the pipeline of any company (Start-up, ISV, Enterprise alike) features the following three steps:

  1. Prospect and generate leads — you look for possible partners and companies who might be interested in your cooperation, you get the contacts of their representatives and major decision-makers. You collect all the data about the companies and their contacts in your SRM software.
  2. Create and present a value — you show your product in the most positive light, explaining why it’s your product that could be beneficial for the selected company, but not your competitors one. If you manage to wow your customers, they’ll get it.
  3. Close deals — you close every deal, both successful and unsuccessful. Every deal, even the declined one, ought to be displayed in your enterprise CRM system. In that way, it allows you to perform analytics, make conclusions, detect weak points and reimagine the whole strategy. Plus, it allows you to build a lasting partnership with your customers.

Thus, a lack of your company’s pipeline visibility might seriously affect business in the long run as, without it, you don’t know whether you’ve got enough opportunities to hit your utmost goals. You can’t unlock novel business models, revise your business strategy without having accurately evaluated your customers’ needs. Meanwhile, with a clear sales strategy and a proper CRM system, you can gain competitive advantage. In that way, your sales process would do its three main functions at best:

  1. Drive immediate income, providing your business with further possibilities to work, become smarter and mature.
  2. Gather, structure, and analyze the data obtained from your customers, offering fail-safe decision making and driving new business models.
  3. Create your company value, accelerating sales and increasing the revenue in the long run.

In the big scheme of things, the proper sales process armed with smart SRM technology is the way to go for your business and it could prove to be hugely beneficial.

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