A Sales Proposal Letter TechoTest Can Write For You

Businesses and independent contractors often use Sales Proposal Letters (commonly, in the form of email letters) to get new contracts or novel customers. In fact, the right Sales Proposal Letter is, in most cases, almost the halfway to your company’s success.

Typically, a powerful Sales letter should:

  • Be personal (address to a specific person)
  • Be good-looking, unique and engaging
  • Be formal or half formal (depends on the niche and situations)
  • Be useful: let the person know how you could be useful. Don’t forget to mention the benefits you can offer.
  • Be properly structured: the subject, the greeting, the introduction, the reasons you can be useful and the final.
  • Have an interesting subject:  the subject of your Sales Proposal Letter should provoke the recipient to open it. Still, you should properly specify what it is about.

Wondering how to write a good Sales Proposal Letter? TechoTest has got you covered. Below, you can find a sample Sales Proposal Letter TechoTest has written to one of our customers. For security reasons, the name of the company has been changed.

Subject: Gain a competitive advantage with NCycle, be ‘the best’ separating from the rest.

Body: Dear Mr. Adam,

Do you find yourself asking software development agencies and outsourcing businesses the same tedious questions over and over?

Don’t! Embrace your potential with nCycle. With its decade experience in providing software solutions combined with a strong commitment to quality and efficiency, nCycle can become an affordable way to solve your most difficult digital challenges. Agile and the latest technologies are our weapons of choice. Partner with the market leaders in robust, scalable and interactive software development and get the best team for your ultimate project. We can provide you with:

  • Developers and consultants (PHP, Java, iOS/ iPhone, Android, etc)
  • Software test engineers
  • Graphic designers
  • Project managers
  • Business analysts
  • Other IT specialists.

Needless to add, there are multiple reasons why you should come exactly to nCycle, not to mention:

  • The industry-leading IT specialists with the appetite to innovate, providing out-of-box solutions.
  • Solid cost reductions for your product development, support and maintenance without any fees for recruiting, office space and facility.
  • Smart market analysis and useful recommendations on successful business development.
  • Devoted managers tailored to your project.

Anyway, partner with nCycle to reap the benefits of the latest tech advancements and get your product noticed. Please drop me a line to get started.  

Have a nice day!

Matt Brown,

nCycle Business Development Manager

Like that letter? TechoTest specialists can create even a more engaging letter for you. Simply give us a line.

P.S. Do you know some other powerful Sales Proposal Letters? Tell us more about them in the Comment section.

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