Send Online Halloween Party Invitations For Free

Halloween is in the air. That is the time for cool costume Halloween party, go trick-or-treating and the festive Halloween spirit. We all love this holiday, both small and big. Invite your friends or family to your Spooky party with an online invitation, add some more thrill to Halloween. So, what, are you in the game?

Below, you’ll see a list of services allowing you to send free cool Halloween related invitations directly to your friends online for free.

Halloween Party Invites You Can Customize and Send for Free

  • Canva (It’s a great service where you can create your own invitations from scratch by using

    Canva’s templates. )

  • Minted (It’s a paid service, but currently it allows you to send invites for free during their beta version. The designs are engaging, exciting and unique; the quality is what you may expect from a paid service. )
  • Smilebox (create your unique yet engaging fabulous Halloween party invites without any hassle. several clicks and you are done.)
  • Marcia Copeland’s Get Your Freak On You can use this free template and customize it to you.  

  • Bag O’ Bones Free Halloween Invitation from Mr. Printables ( it’s a ready to use online invite, all you need to do is simply to fill in the name, address and time.)

So, take a closer look at the services I’ve told you about and let your friends and you enjoy the spooky fun!

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