Climbing to the top of search results

To achieve success, any online resource should regularly appear on the search results page of Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Today, there are special tools to significantly increase the website’s ranking, making any search engine treat this site as the most appropriate one to display. We have handpicked 10 most helpful search engine optimization tools used by successful digital agencies. Let’s check them out.

Top 10 tools to increase the search SEO power:

  1. Raven Tools

This useful utility gathers data from a number of Google-powered apps, such as Adwords, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools. Plus, it collects valuable SEO data from Majestic SEO, SEMoz, and ect., offering you a comprehensive report.

  1. Ahrefs

It’s a powerful app that has their own database of live links, giving you helpful SEO data. The tools, offered by Ahrefs, are Site Explorer, Domain Comparison, Batch Analysis as well as SEO Report, and Backlinks Report.

  1. SEMrush

This huge SEO system includes the following options: keyword research with an impressive database of keywords to choose from, backlinks, site audit, position tracking, charts, and advertising research. You are able not only to check the competitor’s ad copy but also the size of their budget. Use it to check competitors and reveal novel content opportunities.

  1. Glasshat

Use this robust digital marketing utility if you wish to implement an effective digital marketing plan to positively influence the visibility and brand presence online. With the custom-tailored algorithm (it considers the first 120 sites appearing in the results of the search engines regarding every keyword stated), Glasshat is a nice way to go when it comes to driving more traffic and generating new customers.

  1. Concurra

It’s a smart site UX and conversion optimization platform, which suits digital agencies to use on client’s online resources.


  1. RankRanger

With its solid set of capabilities, this campaign tracking and monitoring tool is a great fit for numerous SEO and marketing activities. Keyword, rank and mobile search tracking, link management and localization as well as the analysis of the Single keyword landing page are some of its best options.


  1. Google PageSpeed Insights

It’s a great tool to check out the website speed and usability on a computer and different devices. Not only it gives you the load time data along with the general vision of how mobile users see your site, but it also provides smart tips on site improving.


  1. SimilarWeb

This useful utility is used to compare the traffic of sites. It not only analyzes the sites of competitors but also provides an exemplary competition assay.


  1. Squirrly SEO

This program delivers several options of unlimited content optimization and blog analytics. Plus, it monitors the site’s ranking and gives handy suggestions for headlines.


  1. Copyscape

Use it to ensure that the site has only original content. When detecting some plagiarism, the app also shows the resources where this content has been taken. Enhance the search rankings by ensuring the content’s authenticity. It’s crucial if you decide to outsource content writing.


Hence, these are the top tools, which can help digital agencies optimize internet resources on search engines. Got some other SEO tools worth mentioning? Don’t keep them secret, tell us about them!


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