The Concept of Smart vision EQ for 2 and CASSE


When we think about really tiny cars, Smart is a real leader. Indeed, Smart has recently introduced to the wide audience the novel EQ fortwo concept and we are all already intrigued about it. This tiny car tells us what our future would be. Let’s try to find out more about cars of the future.

What The Smart Cars of the Future Will Have to Offer?

The novel cars are all about comfort, safety, and technology. We all know that so far. But what else do they have to offer? It is fully electric with a battery capacity of 30 kWh. That means, cleaner, quieter streets, and cities. Plus, it boasts a surprising amount of space inside. Indeed, you would not even think that such a car could have such a spacious salon. In the center, you will see the 24‑inch screen.

Meanwhile, there is one unique feature the Concept of Smart vision EQ for 2 will offer – CASSE. Yes, that is the abbreviation of the term that is used to describe the vehicles of our future.

The Cars of the Future: CASSE

It stands for – Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services and Electric. And the Smart vision EQ for 2 is all about CASSE.

In terms of Connected, you can call this tiny car via mobile. Yes, you read this correctly – you simply call it and it comes to the place you are or wish to meet it. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? To add more intrigue, you will be able to personalize your car. Indeed, they say, Smart vision EQ fortwo, will not only show multiple designs, but you could make it have a face.

When it comes to Autonomous, the cars will pick up its passengers from the location they specify. In other words, the process of collecting passengers is going to be smooth, consistent and stress-free.

Shared means that you can easily share your car with a friend or partner. It will be easy to drive and no special skills would be required.

Finally, when it comes to Services and Electric, everything is clear here. As a matter of fact, you may count on smart electronics, helpful and easily accessible service.

Thus, the Smart vision EQ fortwo is all about future mobility. It seems really attractive and promising. Let’s wait, hoping it would bring even more capabilities and fun!


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