TechoTest Gambling Niche Overview: Online Gaming World In 2017

Today, we are going to talk about the thrilling world of games, its tendencies, and trends in 2017. We will check the most profitable gaming areas to invest money or perform marketing activities. Therefore, if you happen to become one of true gaming sphere enthusiasts, check which of the following could bring you additional income.


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What The Year 2017 Has to Offer for Business Owners and Advertisers

There are dozens of ways gaming can bring you money and ideas for inspiration. Consider the following:

• eSports: this industry is a boom nowadays. More and more gaming trading sites are expected to appear, where players not only play but also sell and buy the new gaming items. Plus, the eSports tournament pools work like a magnet for the bidders. So, there is no wonder why this niche is especially interesting for businessmen and advertisers of all levels. There is a huge demand for expert gaming analytics, innovative or unique in some way broadcasts to consumers and media as well as engaging gaming related journalists, researchers, and reporters. Even Facebook has its plans for eSport as, apart from ads, it wants to implement live stream video game tournaments. In fact, there are multiple ways eSports and everything related to this niche can bring money.

• New consoles. The year 2017 also brings us two novel consoles: Nintendo’s Switch, and Microsoft’s Scorpio. Interesting is to mention that both of them replace the underperforming consoles. While novel consoles offer limited opportunities for the business owners, the advertising companies have numerous ways to go.

• Virtual reality: after the breathtaking launch of Pokémon Go in 2016, 2017 can hardly bring something similar as virtual reality generally leaves developers out of pocket and it requires massive money and time investments. So, the launch of the next boom game is expected within two or three years, not in 2017. Still, Virtual Reality leaves much space for business owners and advertising agencies. The launch of a successful game dramatically depends on carefully thought and well-realized advertising campaigns. Plus, a good idea implemented in a right way can bring huge success.

• Mobile games: with the rapid growth of people having mobile phones, mobile gambling has become a general matter today. There are thousands of mobile games and people are now used to spend money on mobile gambling. Not only that they buy games to be installed on their mobile devices but they also regularly buy various gaming items, if the game includes such a possibility. Of course, new mobile games are expected to appear. So, if you are thinking about a new mobile gaming app, you are on the right way.

Thus, whilst you can find various other gaming related niches where you can invest your money, these ones make the basics if we talk about the year 2017. Anyway, follow the gaming trends and stay updated with everything popular and new.

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