How Driverless Cars Might Affect People

The industry of driverless cars, the vehicles operating on their own, has just joined the ranks. Today, you can often hear about this novel technology, but still, you are not likely to see it on the roads. But as monster car manufacturers such as Google and Ford asset, driverless cars will no longer be a novelty by the year 2020.

Meanwhile, the self-autonomous cars are keeping the mankind on toes. Everyone is thrilled with the possibility to get into a car that can itself bring you to the specified destination.

Which benefits self-autonomous cars can offer?

 • They could decline the accident rate in America up to 90%. A pretty good rate, isn’t it?
• No driver licenses will be longer needed.
• The age limit will practically vanish away. Of course, a toddler in the self-driving car still seems dangerous. But there might be invented safety measures for little or elderly passengers.
• They can become suitable for numerous cases. For instance, it can deliver you to your destination when you have used alcohol.

Are there bad points regarding self-autonomous cars?

While all of these concerns might be appealing to average people, they might seem like bad news for motor insurers. Plus, those who are against those new technology cars are sure that they could bring more bad than good. To prove their point of view, they share the following statements:
• The auto-driving cars could be hacked by terrorists.
• They could almost kill the motor insurance industry. As mentioned before, the reduction of accidents will reduce the numbers of insurances issued. If there are no accidents, who would want to pay for car insurance? Nobody!
• The driver as a profession might disappear. Many people will lose their jobs.

Anyway, no matter how the driverless cars will impact the insurance niche, they are still the future. Meanwhile, let’s wait till they become an everyday matter and see what they would bring.
P.S. Have some advantages or disadvantages to add? Please share your thoughts!

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