TechoTest Greetings Email Sample

Here’s an example of the letter which can be sent to greet your customers. But before we jump into this email, please consider the following two issues:


  1. It’s the software that helps you keep your Mac clean and protected.
  2. The name of the product has been changed.

Email for US Independence Day

Subject: Get Out The 4th of July Fireworks! Mac*** Just Slashed Its Rate in Half for Your Mac


Dear %username%,

The 4th of July is almost there. That means it’s time for all of us to celebrate our awesome country with family and friends, both online and offline. If you’re far away from those you love, your Apple computer is there to connect you with them, and don’t worry about anything, Mac*** will take care of your Mac. And the best thing is, it’s 50% OFF now. Hurry up and get it for your Mac!

Get MacKeeper 50% OFF

Happy Birthday, Americans!

Your Mac*** Team

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