A Sample of Email TechoTest Can Write For Your Customers

Smart E-mail marketing does drive sales. Don’t argue, it’s the fact. Below, you can check one of email samples we have written for our customer. For ultimate reasons, of course, the name of the product has been changed.

So, please take a peak!


Subject: Save your memories at full with Gex Plus

Body: Dear %username%,

We all love getting friends and family in one place for regular catch ups, right?

We’ll let you in on a secret: Gex.net is more than a basic file exchange service. Get on Gex Plus list and it’ll become your precious memories keepsake. Whether capturing daily moments, holidays, or highlights from a special occasion, bringing tears to your eyes, Gex.net will keep track of all little things you never want to forget.

Delight your nearest and dearest, make shared albums and keep all of your adventures in one place. For as little as $1/month, Gex.net can make your precious memories last forever!

Get Gex Plus!


Your GEX.NET Team

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