Mac Terminal Tricks Or How to Take Most Of Mac Terminal

The age-old question when it comes to using a Mac is, without a shadow of a doubt, how to use Mac Terminal. Yep, at first glance, Terminal might seem a bit daunting. However, it’s really cool to hack into your Mac’s preferences and configurations to get things set up your way. Do you know that using the proper Terminal commands allows you messing with the user interface, tweaking the Finder, creating a more private and secure Mac, and even enabling some features that older Macs fail to support? Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

To show you how versatile the Terminal can be, we’ve collected a number of Terminal tricks that will come in handy. The list presented below is intended as a guide to better understand your Mac and have fun using it.

Warning: Every Terminal command that is shown below is safe to use and, when it comes to changing preferences, is fully reversible.

Tip: If you are a novice Mac user, it’s easy to get tripped up with the all Mac stuff. Find out more about exciting Mac world here.

So, with the Mac Terminal you can:
1. Make your Mac speak

If you wish, Mac can say anything you want in the voice you can choose (female, male, novelty). To do that, go to System Preferences and then open Dictation & Speech. Then choose Text to Speech and then in System Voice you will see all voice options available.

Once you’ve selected the voice, use the ‘Say’ command, like this:
Say “That’s the way I like it” or something else you wish your Mac to tell you. And hit Return and you’ll hear your Mac speak that!
To make it more epic, that audio file can be saved and played back at your will.
2. Get rid of Dashboard on the Mac
Think that using Dashboard is so 2000s, right? Perhaps the only understandable reasons for its today’s existence is its appearance in Mission Control. To make it invisible completely, use this command:
defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean TRUE
killall Dock
Still, we all love when there is an ability to bring it back, right? To do this, use the same command, replacing TRUE with FALSE.
defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean FALSE
killall Dock

3. Use Ditto

Apple’s ditto command is a cool hidden gem in OS X . Since this command can run within a Terminal window, offering more useful information about its progress than the typical Finder copy window, it will be of vital use for you if you need to copy lots of data.
So, type in your terminal:

$ ditto -V /old/work/ /new/work/
And it will copy the folder you are using to a new location. Simply speaking, ditto copies the contents of the specified folder to a new one.
Add -V (referred to as verbose), and there will be printed a line to the Terminal window for every single file, which is being copied. In other words, you can see what file is being copied at any time, hence it can be really useful.
Ditto may become a frequently used command if you need to copy dozens of gigabytes of data between hard drives on a regular basis.
4. Watch an ASCII version of Star Wars

Of course, that is just for fun, but what fun it can bring! An ASCII version of Star Wars is running on a Telnet server in The Netherlands. And you can watch it! To enjoy it, use:
Type Ctrl-] and then Quit to stop it.
5. Play Classic Games

Being packed with GNU Emacs, Mac OS X is part of GNU operating system, easy accessible via Terminal. There are some classic games there. To access them, type this command into the Terminal to access the GNU Emacs:

Click Enter, then continue with the key combination of “Esc + x”. To start playing, type in one of the suggested game’s names, for example, “tetris”.

Have fun!
Thus, these are some useful Terminal commands to test drive. Know some other cool commands you believe people will adore? Don’t keep a good thing secret, please do tell us about!

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